What to Expect During Construction

The excitement of building a new home is incredible—signing the contract and making selections with much hope for a great experience. For many homebuyers, the most challenging part of the process can be what happens shortly thereafter: waiting patiently for construction to begin. The below stages outline what to expect during the several months it will take the Wiseman team to bring your new home to life.



Hurry Up and Wait

Homebuyers typically do not see much activity on the homesite at the beginning. This is normal, as our team is working diligently behind the scenes to finalize plans, secure permits, distribute the necessary documents to our trade base, and order the required materials. It could be several weeks before any major activity begins, but homebuyers should rest assured that all of the appropriate work is being completed to create a smooth building process.

Stage 1: Foundation Complete

Our team will prepare the homesite, set the garage foundation forms, and drill the 25+ pier holes required for a structurally sound living foundation. This is also when the concrete is poured and cured. During this time, homebuyers may wonder if their home will be large enough. Seeing the foundation in person without walls can be deceiving!

Stage 2: Frame Complete

This process can happen rather quickly—one day there’s only a foundation and then next, there’s the framework of a home! This is when homebuyers begin to realize the true extent and shape of their home.

Stage 3: Shingles & Siding Complete

Weatherproofing of the home takes place. Our team installs the decking, flashing, and shingles, as well as the windows, wall sheathing to protect from penetration from various environmental elements, and the exterior siding.

Stage 4: Systems Rough-in & Insulation Complete

All electrical wiring, outlets, and breaker boxes are installed. Additionally, the HVAC system is put in place, along with the plumbing lines. Spray foam insulation is then applied to all exterior walls, attic rafters, and the crawlspace cavity.

Stage 5: Drywall Complete

At this stage, the home begins to resemble its final form as drywall is installed and texture is applied inside.

Stage 6: Interior Trim & Doors Complete

After the wall texture has cured, our finish carpenters will install all the interior doors and molding, as well as any staircase railings, shelving, etc. Wall, ceiling, and molding is painted.

Stage 7: Kitchen & Vanity Counters Installed

Cabinets are installed and the countertops are set in place

Stage 8: Hard Surfaces & Fixtures Complete

Wall and floor tile go in, along with wood or luxury vinyl plank flooring. This is also when plumbing and light fixtures are installed.

Stage 9: Quality Check

Wiseman will perform a quality check of the home and correct any items that do not meet our quality standards. Homebuyers will also have an opportunity to perform a blue tape walk through of the home.

Stage 10: Final Completion & Acceptance

Items identified in both the Wiseman and homebuyer’s quality walks will be addressed and corrected if necessary. Homebuyers will close and accept the keys to their new home!