Buy with Confidence

At Wiseman, we stand behind the value of each home that we build and believe that quality craftsmanship, thoughtful design, and attention to detail are paramount to ensuring both your happiness and our success. We strive to surpass buyer expectations with each home that we deliver and are fully committed to customer satisfaction so much so, that if you are not pleased with your new home, we will gladly buy back the home at its original purchase price.


All homes purchased from Wiseman Homes are eligible for the Guarantee
Homebuyer(s) must have purchased the home as a primary residence
Homebuyer(s) must have moved into and resided in the home
Homebuyer(s) may not lease or otherwise permit tenants in the home
Homebuyer(s) may not return home based solely on defects, deficiencies, imperfections, etc
Wiseman must be given the opportunity to fix, rectify or resolve any issues that fall under warrantable items
Homebuyer(s) may not have previously returned another home to Wiseman Homes

Certain conditions apply.*